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March Evolutionary Happenings – 2021


“When we break free of the illusion of fear, we can then experience all that the cosmos has to offer.  Are you ready?


Love Mama Bear

Just 5 minutes a day to live your best life

The I Am Challenge is a systematic reprogramming of the belief system of the individual subconscious. This allows you to choose the belief that you now comprehend as truth and remove the outdated systems of thinking and programming that you learned before the age of 7.

Examples of these range from career, religion, God, spirituality, money, relationships, worthiness, self image etc.

Remember to focus daily on your I AM CHALLENGE, first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening. 

For significant results limit your news and tv intake and focus on deepening your relationships with Creator, your loved ones, Mother Earth, and of course your Self.

Interested in connecting with a network where you will find events, support, and like minded individuals changing their reality? Check out Soul Medicine’s global community.

Celebrate Spring   

Bring in Spring with a Mayan Fire Ceremony


There are four primary Solar Gates each year when the Sun reaches the Solstice and Equinox points. This particular time period is the Spring Equinox. Ancient cultures understood the importance of these gateways and aligned with them through ceremonial intent. As we remember our place as conscious co-creators it is vital, we find ways to acknowledge and honor.

This profound event is led by Sylina “Mama Bear” who has worked in the medicine ways of her Creek and Cherokee Ancestors with her Grandmother since she was young. She has dedicated her life to raising the consciousness on this planet and serving her community through healing modalities.

Mama Bear spent many years studying with the Mayan Elders in Guatemala. While there, she studied the ancient Mayan Calendar, learning the long count and mastering many sacred Mayan healing practices including the sacred Mayan Fire Ceremony.

Other ways to deepen your intention:

If you would like to know your Mayan Birth Sign and meaning $25

Full Mayan Calendar Reading prior to the March 20th event $75, normally $125

 HURRY Starts March 20th

You are invited to experience an authentic Mayan Fire Ceremony led by Sylina “Mama Bear”. 

You can bring fire offerings of candles, herbs, candy, tobacco, chocolate, Palo Santo, Flowers, etc. Some people desire to make their offerings to the appropriate energies of their astrology times. 

This is an amazing time for intention setting and manifestation.


6:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Enchanted Forest; Ellijay, GA


Medicine Wheel Life Mastery Program

You’ve heard us talk about... but what is it?

The Medicine Wheel life Mastery Program is a systematic way to help you step into your most powerful essence. After completing the prerequisite 30 Day “I AM Challenge” the Life Mastery Program will take you through self-discovery, like a way of remembrance. This signature program offers you an opportunity to get to know not just yourself, but it gives you the tools to drop deeper into stillness and therefore open up the space for deeper evolution.

 NEXT joining point April 25th

Completed the 30 Day “I AM Challenge”, and ready to take your life experience to the next level?

Holistic Lifestyle Center Services

Spiritual Counseling – Life Coaching

Have you reached a point of feeling depressed or anxious about something occurring in your life around you? Or are you looking to change something that is happening or to modify or transmute a pattern that continues to show up? Knowing or feeling your blocks will greatly assist you to be more conscious of your choices and therefore able to take greater responsibility for your life!

In Sylina’s, “Mama Bear’s”, office there aren’t any limits to the wholeness of the person. I simply use traditional and non-traditional training to identify the root of what is keeping you from your full potentiality. I cannot do the work for you, but I show you the way to living your best life ever. 

60 minutes $175

Soul Medicine Sylina

Blood Cell Analysis & Nutritional Counseling

Feeling sluggish, tired or experiencing brain fog? Think you need a lifestyle and dietary changes, but don’t know where to begin?

You and our Practitioner can  observe what is going on throughout the body and then monitor the results of treatments, before, during and after your lifestyle/dietary changes, treatments and regimes.

30 minutes $100

Nutritional Strategies

Need help setting achievable health goals? Want to learn how to maintain these goals?

Nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Our health declines without proper nutritional support, making us more susceptible to illness and disease. Does this sound like you? 

Nutritional Strategies session is perfect for you.

60 minutes $125

Nutritional Counseling & Support

Are you suffering with illness or disease?

“You are what you eat” and this can be truly alarming with the continued use of pesticides and other chemicals on our foods. 

You will benefit from our nutritional sessions which can be helpful to address concerns about your health developments.

60 minutes $125

Massage & Reflexology

Want to  improve your overall health and balance?

Massage therapy and reflexology can clear channels of blocked energy, reduce muscle tension, improve circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, reduce stress hormones and create relaxation.

Whether it’s through pure relaxation techniques, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, postural education, breathing or stretching exercises, we will work together to help you optimize your health and well being.

60 minutes $100

Private Yoga Session

Seeking to deepen your yoga practice, increase flexibility, build strength, or learn tools to quiet the mind. 

Long time yogi and Yoginis will share their knowledge and expertise to best support you.

50 minutes $75

Holistic Lifestyle Center Yoga Offerings

Yoga, Qi Gong & Meditation Classes

We are super excited to announce we have weekly class offerings, both online and in person. Soul Medicine Inc and Harvest Moon Natural Market are joining together to better serve you. We have classes almost every day to support your peace of mind and physical vitality during this world pandemic.

Currently we are offering the following schedule of classes:


6:30 PM Yin Yoga


6:00 PM Qigong


6:45 PM Gentle Yoga

7:45 PM Meditation


7:30 PM All Levels Yoga


10:00 AM All Levels Yoga

Sign up and purchase class cards from your phone or laptop, whether you are attending in person or online from the comfort of your home.

Your First Week is FREE

In person, join us at Harvest Moon Natural Market at 10511 Bells Ferry Rd. Suite 200; Canton, GA 30114.

For direction and to learn more call (404) 993-3338

Coming Up This Month

Day of Radical Transformation

Join us at The Enchanted Forest to discover the gems deep within the core of your existence that lead to the enlightenment of your journey through this life.

If you are seeking any of the following: a deeper connection to yourSelf, Mother Earth, the Star Beings, or the Divine, desire deeper awareness, balance and happiness.


Click below for location information and to RSVP for March 27th, 2021 9:00 AM

Can’t make this one?

Mark your calendar for the NEXT Day of Radical Transformation 

April 24th, 2021 9:00 AM

Click below for RSVP and location information.

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How to Change your Frequency

With Avani Jaya, hosted by Ellen King of Connecting Consciousness.

To discover where your current frequency is, in this physicality or this life, begin to take awareness of where you find your comforts. What music do you listen enjoy? What type of shows or movies do you watch? Where do you hang out after work? Who do you hang out with? The culmination of these behaviors is where your frequency currently is.

Once we know where our current “baseline” is, how do we raise our frequency? Join Avani Jaya on this webinar replay as she shares, as she was taught, “How to raise your frequency.” You will discover the tools necessary to practice to raise your frequency. Avani Jaya also shared the benefits of raising your frequency.

Play Video about Sylina Mama Bear

The “I AM Challenge” is one of the simplest ways to start changing your frequency. It is like rewriting old code that your brain is running off of. Ready for an upgrade CLICK HERE to learn how only 5 minutes a day can change your life experience.