Medicine Wheel
Life Mastery Programs

These signature programs are designed and guided by Avani Jaya and are proven steps on the journey to self-mastery.

These programs will support and guide you as you do the inner work necessary to live in a balanced state and experience the fullness of your Soul Self leading to a truly free and joyous life.

Soul Medicine Initiate Program

I AM Challenge Program

The I AM Challenge© is a systematic reprogramming of one’s belief system of the individual subconscious, will literally rewrite the programs we have been taught since the age of 7. Step in and unveil your power, unveil yourself to you. Join us for the “I Am Challenge.” It’s simple yet powerful, and only 30 days.

Soul Medicine Mastery Program

Medicine Wheel Life Mastery Program

This Soul Medicine signature program is guided by Sylina Mama Bear and is a proven path to self-mastery. The medicine wheel is an Ancient Practice of Balance & Harmony Within the Four Directions. This intensive program will support and guide you as you do the inner work necessary using the medicine wheel to live in a balanced state and experience the fullness of your Soul Self, living a truly free and joyous life. Join the Medicine Wheel Life Mastery program for a healing Journey That Can Restore Wholeness and Connection to Ourselves and the World. 
Soul Medicine Yoga Workshop

Yoga Teacher Training Program

The soul Medicine Yoga Teacher training program will review well over 80 asanas in this 200-hour training.  Additionally, we will explore the science of breath, the science of asana, the science of mantra, and meditation.  The program is very in-depth. 

How to Change your Frequency

With Avani Jaya, hosted by Ellen King of Connecting Consciousness.

To discover where your current frequency is, in this physicality or this life, begin to take awareness of where you find your comforts. What music do you listen enjoy? What type of shows or movies do you watch? Where do you hang out after work? Who do you hang out with? The culmination of these behaviors is where your frequency currently is.

Once we know where our current “baseline” is, how do we raise our frequency? Join Avani Jaya on this webinar replay as she shares, as she was taught, “How to raise your frequency.” You will discover the tools necessary to practice to raise your frequency. Avani Jaya also shared the benefits of raising your frequency.

Play Video about Sylina Mama Bear

The “I AM Challenge” is one of the simplest ways to start changing your frequency. It is like rewriting old code that your brain is running off of. Ready for an upgrade CLICK HERE to learn how only 5 minutes a day can change your life experience.