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How to Change your Frequency

With Avani Jaya, hosted by Ellen King of Connecting Consciousness.

To discover where your current frequency is, in this physicality or this life, begin to take awareness of where you find your comforts. What music do you listen enjoy? What type of shows or movies do you watch? Where do you hang out after work? Who do you hang out with? The culmination of these behaviors is where your frequency currently is.

Once we know where our current “baseline” is, how do we raise our frequency? Join¬†Avani Jaya on this webinar replay as she shares, as she was taught, “How to raise your frequency.” You will discover the tools necessary to practice to raise your frequency. Avani Jaya also shared the benefits of raising your frequency.

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The “I AM Challenge” is one of the simplest ways to start changing your frequency. It is like rewriting old code that your brain is running off of. Ready for an upgrade CLICK HERE to learn how only 5 minutes a day can change your life experience.