I AM Challenge

The I AM Challenge© is a systematic reprogramming of the belief system of the individual subconscious. 

When we are in our thinking mind, the subconscious patterns (programs) are running the show. According to scientific research, the average individual is thinking 95% of the time. That means you are living 95% of your life from what you believed to be true and accepted as reality before the age of 7 which is in the subconscious. Examples of these range from career, religion, God, spirituality, money, relationships, worthiness, self image etc.

Yes, even if you believe that you no longer adhere to the pattern (program) it is still running. You can become aware of these underlying patterns (programs) by witnessing your thoughts, behaviors and experiences that are not in alignment with what it is that you desire and therefore the result is in contradiction to what brings you joy, peace and happiness.

You have a conscious program that drives you to your wishes, wants and desires, which is creating only 5% of the time that you are not thinking. The 95% of your experience and creation is being ran by the subconscious patterns (programs).  In order to move into the manifesting being that you truly are you must remove the old patterns (programs).

This I AM Challenge© brings into your conscious awareness what underlying patterns/programs are running. Once you are free from the limitations in your subconscious you can create your most precious dreams.

Community: You will gain access to Soul Medicine’s community network, Challenge Warrior group, consisting of local and global participants, cheering each other on, sharing ideas, experiences and “ah ha” moments. Additionally, monthly topics, conversations, recipes, yoga classes will be shared by our Yoga Alliance Certified Instructors and a live or recorded meditation with Sylina Mama Bear.  

Challenge: Minimum 30 days / $19.99 monthly subscription

Ready to rewrite your programs?