Soul Medicine Yoga Classes

Yoga is about the complete union of mind, body, breath, and spirit. Yoga as a form of aligning these four aspects of self opens the energy pathways within the body to reach deeper states of true vitality and stillness. This is referred to as full Self-awareness.

As Self is discovered mastery of breath (pranayama) is achieved. This awakens the deepest parts of ourselves and kundalini rises activating the sacred heart. As the heart opens it begins to deepen its expression of devotion. Through movement and breath, the puja of Yoga is born over and over and over again. Ever deepening with each practice which is the expression of your full Self. You can enjoy or Yoga Classes


Holistic Lifestyle Center Offerings

Soul Medicine Yoga Classes over the lake

In-Person or Online Yoga Classes

Soul Medicine Yoga classes can be taken from the comfort of your own home or at our Yoga Studio located in Canton, Georgia. Included in the Wednesday evening practice is meditation with Sylina Mama Bear.

Class times are 60 minutes – See below for class descriptions and schedule.

In-Person or Online Meditation

With meditation, we can cultivate a deep sense of inner peace. We concentrate the mind, emotions, and senses on the stillness within and dive into the bliss of unconditional love, self-acceptance and inner stillness.

Meditation class can be taken from the comfort of your own home or at our Yoga Studio located in Canton, Georgia. Included in the Wednesday evening practice is yoga with Sylina Mama Bear.

Class time is 60 minutes – Please check our Calendar for dates and times.

Type of Yoga Classes We Offer

Gentle Yoga

Whether you are in a chair or at peak fitness level, this gentle yoga class will help quiet both the body and the mind allowing you to feel your heart more deeply.  This yoga class will prepare the body to hold stillness and go deeper into meditation at 7:45 PM

All levels Yoga

Through practicing yoga and linking it with our breath, we can cultivate a deep sense of inner peace, relieve our bodies of physical discomfort, as well as prevent and remedy chronic injuries. Yoga accomplishes this by increasing oxygenation in the bloodstream, refining posture, improving the body’s overall health and vitality, and enhancing flexibility. Beyond the physical benefits, practicing yoga expands our ability to love, extending into every day of our lives.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a quiet practice that allows you the space to stretch and soften while also teaching you how to breathe through discomfort and surrender to the present now moment. On a mental level, the practice of Yin prepares the practitioner for meditation. One of the central intentions of a Yin Yoga practice is the cultivation of inner stillness and a keen introspection. On the physical level, Yin Yoga increases muscular flexibility, increases blood flow and circulation, lengthens connective tissues, decreases insomnia, reduces stress, and restores the body’s vitality. 

QiGong Yoga

Qigong is a mind/body/spirit integrative moving meditation that stems from Chinese Traditional Medicine. Qigong means the cultivation of energy over time. Utilizing the meridians, the energetic pathways, Qigong seeks to harmonize and balance through the body’s five elements. Providing visualization cues to focus the mind, breath work to balance the emotional and movement of the physical, Qigong works to integrate the whole self. Benefits of Qigong include: Mental Clarity, Promotes Inner Calm and Peace, Reduction of Anxiousness, Flexibility, Balance, Muscle Awareness and Strength, Strengthening of Vital Organs including the Liver, Lungs, and Heart.

In Studio & Online Yoga Classes

Class cards and memberships can be used for in studio and online classes.

Class Cards

5 Class Card – $75 ($15 per class)

10 Class Card – $140 ($14 per class)

15 Class Card – $195 ($13 per class)

Drop In – $20 (24 hour pass)


Monthly Unlimited – $99 ($59 first month)

Wednesdays Only – Monthly – $66

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Interested in learning to teach yoga classes or deepen your practice?

Yoga Teacher Training

Soul Medicine yoga teacher Training is a mastery of the union of mind, body, breath, and spirit. Through the use of pranayama, asanas, mantras, and mudras, the fullness of Self-awareness is attained and joy becomes the natural state of being.

Sylina Avani Jaya



Kevin Skanda Kali



How to Change your Frequency

With Mama Bear, hosted by Ellen King of Connecting Consciousness.

To discover where your current frequency is, in this physicality or this life, begin to take awareness of where you find your comforts. What music do you listen enjoy? What type of shows or movies do you watch? Where do you hang out after work? Who do you hang out with? The culmination of these behaviors is where your frequency currently is.

Once we know where our current “baseline” is, how do we raise our frequency? Join Mama Bear on this webinar replay as she shares, as she was taught, “How to raise your frequency.” You will discover the tools necessary to practice to raise your frequency. Mama Bear also shared the benefits of raising your frequency.

Play Video about Sylina Mama Bear

The “I AM Challenge” is one of the simplest ways to start changing your frequency. It is like rewriting old code that your brain is running off of. Ready for an upgrade CLICK HERE to learn how only 5 minutes a day can change your life experience.