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Soul Medicine Inc.

Soul Medicine Inc.’s focus is to relieve suffering through educating, empowering and inspiring members through intentional community development and outreach, environmental/ecological stewardship, and holistic health practices benefiting those with acute or chronic health challenges, addiction, recovery, and Veteran communities.

Soul Medicine's Mission

“Through the unity of mind, body and spirit, Soul Medicine, radically awakens the heart’s universal light, raising human consciousness, for the highest evolution of mankind.”

Soul Medicine Partners

Soul Medicine serves as a powerful catalyst not only for personal transformation but for the community as well. We support and partner with like-minded organizations who share our commitment to create a new paradigm for positive social and ecological change.

Soul Medicine's Impact

We as individuals face obstacles daily. So does our planet. Together we can face these with hope and commit to healing our communities as well as our world.

By giving information without hesitation, we are all empowered with the necessary tools to take action in our communities and for our Mother Earth everyday.

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funds raised

Since the inception of Soul Medicine, we have raised funds for our programs as well as individuals in need.

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Serving Communities

We have not only served our surrounding communities, but our inner community too. After all, if we can not take care of our own, how can we take care of others.

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People Impacted

Over the course of time, the Founder has spoken in front of or enacted upon her words with countless individuals and communities.

Soul Medicine Programs

Our programs are designed for the current economic, ecological and political climates that surround us. We continuously introduce individuals and communities inward, to teach them how to navigate their own internal terrain. By doing this, they become more flexible at navigating the external landscape.

Get Involved

Serving and volunteering open the door to incredibly rewarding experiences—both for you and those you serve. But finding the opportunity that best suits your skills and expectations can make all the difference.

“As a not for-profit Foundation it is our goal to engage you in the most full-filling way possible while keeping the “circle complete.”

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Our programs are designed for the current economical, ecological and political climates that surround us.

Already know how you want to help?


We encourage our volunteers to seek a service or program that speaks to their heart. You serve and because of the energy of the service and because your heart is open and loving. When you are serving you slip into the space of grace.


Soul Medicine, Inc is Common-Unity. 100% of your donations go to the funding of Soul Medicine, Inc. programs, such as Nutritional Counseling and Support, Halting Homelessness, Eco 4 Life, and many, many more.

Soul Medicine Community

We bring together truth seekers desiring the unity of body, mind and spirit so we can radically awaken the heart’s universal light, raising human consciousness, for the highest evolution of mankind.