Our Partners

Soul Medicine serves as a powerful catalyst not only for personal transformation but for the community as well. We support and partner with like-minded organizations who share our commitment to create a new paradigm for positive social and ecological change.

Harvest Moon Natural Market

“We strive to answer your questions to help you make smarter and healthier decisions when buying natural products.”

Alisha has been an intricate member in the natural health industry for over 16 years. She has earned a Masters of Holistic Nutrition degree and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition. She has many years of experience in lifestyle counseling and offers extensive one on one sessions for those who require additional attention.


“Creating A Culture of Belonging, Inclusion and Diversity.”

At the heart of our business, we seek to inspire and nurture the human spirit – understanding that each person brings a distinct life experience to the table. Our partners are diverse not only in gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion and age, but also in cultural backgrounds, life experiences, thoughts and ideas.

Embracing diversity only enhances our work culture, it also drives our business success. It is the inclusion of these diverse experiences and perspectives that create a culture of empowerment, one that fosters innovation, economic growth and new ideas.


Marcos Pizza

“We Care About the Community.”

As a non-profit organization, ‘Slice of Support’ also partners with select charitable organizations to support causes that are important to Marco’s Pizza and our communities.  Visit our Fundraising Events page to learn about our recent initiatives and how you can get involved!


SOHO Bagels CO

“We treat you like family!”

SoHo Facebook

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